my mom and sister fly in on the 21st to spend some time with me before the birth. my sis has to go back after a week but mom is staying for 3! not sure if corrie wants me to actually go into labor while she's here but not like i have control over it. i still have yet to pack my labor bag and i am not entirely anxious too because most of the stuff i want to pack i use everyday.

i am starting to get annoyed with being pregnant. i am not enjoying feeling her move as much. and i am pretty depressed lately. we have the dresser up now and i can wash all the baby clothes and blankets and have a place to put them away. better than their previous storage area, thrown onto the bassionette.

i got a box from my cousin jen and i cant open it cause she'll be at the online baby shower. i'm still anxious about that. i am trying to keep my expectations low so i am not dissapointed. i cant wait to go to ny and have a party and have everyone around me, i know it's selfish but i want to be the center of attention for once. i didnt get a wedding, bridal shower, and now no baby shower. it would really pick up my spirits right about now.

Bronwyn keeps sending me stuff. i swear that girl has spent $300 on me. she needs to save some money for herself lol. but i love it all everything is so cute and useful. i already filled the laundry basket with the baby clothes that need washing. and i didnt think i had that many things to wash lol.

 well i should eat something so i dont end up back in the hospital. 

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 3:11 PM enjoy your visit with mom and sis before the baby comes

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