i guess i can't blame my stbx for leaving me for another woman. i was yelling at him all the time, never appriciated anything he did for us. he really worked hard so i could stay home and raise our daughter. but i always compared what we had to what everyone else had. i never had dinner on the table when he got home. when he asked me to go to the bank for him or the post office i always got mad. i guess i did let myself go too. there is more to list, but can't think right now. i guess i am more mad at myself for letting such a good guy get away. he tried so hard towards the end, but i just ignored the signs. i guess i'm lazy when it came to our marriage. i was so wrapped up in my daughter and doing what i wanted, that i never wanted to do anything with him. he always went to things alone, while others always had their wives. i hated going on vacations. i always got homesick and couldn't wait to get home. sorry, i just had to let this out. i guess i need help to get over being angry at him, when i should be focusing on coming to terms with how i ruined our marriage.

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