These  are not a get rich quick scheme, with pictures of boats,expensive cars, and mansions lol! The more surveys and offers you do, the more money you make! I have found a few paying sites that I want to share with you!

CashCrate is one of them, I have been making very good money and have only been a member for less than a month!  You do surveys/offers and do not have to pay a dime for this, they pay you! You can increase your earnings through referrals. The referral system they have is an awesome one! You get 20% from your referrals, and 10% of Their referrals! If you have any questions please hit me up and I will help you with anything you need!
**You will want to create a seperate email account for all your junk mail, after you register
email me and I will give you some tips on how to make sure your offers have a higher approval rate**

My new great find is,  , you get paid for clicking on links and viewing their adds for 20 seconds. When you have successfully viewed the ad , it says done with a green check mark. They have a floating pay rate, which means depending on how many users are on at once the pay fluctuates. I have always made $0.20 per click however! This adds up, FAST!  
** You have to have a paypal email account when you sign up**

I have a few great others please send me a message w/your email account and I will send them to you!  These DO work and they WILL work for you! Might as well try them out! You have nothing to lose! Please feel free to email me here or at if you have any questions about this!



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