Ive been cleaning house for a week. making sure nothing is in reach of our new delivery. Ive been sanitizing things. I bought toys, potty training items, food, a cute little bowl, and im making some bandanas personalized just for her.

We are going with the name Daisy. I was watching that commercial for sour cream and how it sais a dollop of daisy! lol I thought that was perfect for her because she is a dollop of dog.LOL...She is considered a tiny toy...or teacup size ....She probably wont be more than 3 lbs full grown... We will be picking her up Friday. My girls are counting down the days every morning.

I just feel like im getting ready for a new baby! lol Im looking for a playpen to keep her in at night, i feel a cage or kennel of some type is just cruel....i know i will have to wake up every couple hours with her but im ready! we are taking a camping trip in july and my mom will be puppysitting for a week. i wish i could take her with me but i dont know how she would handle it and being so small im affraid an owl or something could easily grab her up.

soooo...back to cleaning.



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Jun. 2, 2008 at 9:46 PM good luck with the new pup

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