I cannot stand people who double-talk and lie and twist things. I hate it when someone says that they are going to do/give you something and then they don't.

I don't like false promises. I don't like people who "talk" about integrity and yet have none.

My husband just got docked $130. For something that he shouldn't have. His boss told him when he started with this company that the weekends he is on-call, that if he uses our personal vehicle to make deliveries he may fill up. He has done so quite often with NO reprocution (sp??) up until now. He was told today by his.....boss.....that he was STEALING from the company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so mad. My husband does not nor would he EVER steal anything from anybody. He used to bend over backwards for this person.

In the beginning it was all champagne and roses........all we have received is beer and stinkweed. They wooed my Dh from another company with promises of more $$$$ and incentives and bonuses.....OF WHICH HE HAS GOTTEN NONE.

They had asked my DH if he could take call at the last minute for the weekend.......my Dh said that he could not because he had some side jobs lined up. (the company is a DME-provides and delivers medical equipment to patients......my DH does mechanic work on the side as this helps with the bills.....2 totally dif proffessions).....His .......boss........ told him that his first priority is to this company and that he will not stand for anything to come in between my DH and the job getting done. Can you believe the nerve???? He told my DH that he was not allowed to work on something totally different ON HIS OWN TIME!!!!!

I am soooooooo angry right now. I could spit nails. I am writing all of this here, because it is all I can do not to call this person and let him know what I think of his morals.

If my DH puts something off until Monday that came in over the weekend, he gets reprimanded. Strongly!........For the past 4 times the .......boss....... has been on-call, my DH has come in on Monday morning only to go do the calls that came in from the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate double-standards.

This info is being added to shed a little more light on my above ramblings! lol....

We had prayed about it before he went over there. A guy that he worked with at another comapny came and asked HIM to join this company. And as long as that guy was there, things were great. The owners name is Dain. The guy  that asked my dh to come aboard is James. (just for the story sake! lol)  James is a great guy. He bought into Dain's fake promises as well......they ended up pushing him out the door....long story. Basically Dain is about 2-3 yrs younger than my dh.....my dh is 30. Dain overextended the company's wallet and could not pay people for a while.....God provided for us during that time because my dh never missed a paycheck. In the beginning, the company loaned us $2000.00 for us to move (which has been paid back in full already) They bought us a couch and whent the twins were born, they got us a double stroller. My best friend's dh and his sister even were wooed to come into the comapny....and they did. My best friends dh is now gone from this comapany....and is the one who is helping my dh get this new job....because he is going to be overseeing this new company!!  Anyhoo....James was supposedly a pratner in this company, his wife did some work off and on for this company....came in occassionaly to do data entry. They ended up telling James that he was never considered a partner!!!! And they never paid James' wife for any of the work she did.....they still owe my best friend's dh $$$ too. Well, upon further and less heated conversation with my hunny today, I have figured out what is happening. They are trying to do to my hunny what they did with James and my bf's dh. They made the working conditions so unbearable that they just left.They would lie about things that they promised originally and say tha they never said them. Bonuses have never been given, no matter how hard anyone worked. They fudged figures to make it look like my bf's dh was not doing his job...we know that they were fudged b/c he kept his own records as bakc up!  That is what they are doing to hunny. The reason I say this is because  Dain told my dh he had 2 options (neither of which we can afford) 1. they dock him $130......2. he resigns!! They do NOT want to fire him, because then he can collect unemployment!!!!  I know that when this alll first started we prayed, our church prayed and even my bf and her dh prayed and we all felt that this was GOd's door. Dain had A Purpose Driven Life on his desk and occassionaly talked about going to church. His brother and sister in law (the sil works there as well) are walking very closely with the Lord. We thought that God was going to move mightily in this co. And He did in the beginning. But then Dain made some awful business moves. ANd it has gone downhill ever since. I feel that God removed His hand of provision and protection from this co.


Ok....trying to take a deep breath. Please. I am asking for prayer that my Dh will get this job that he has put in an app for. It is with a REPUTABLE company that has been prominent in this city for many years. Please pray for my DH to be able to continue doing his job with excellence in spite of the lying and underhandedness that takes place constantly. Pray for me to be strong and stand in the gap for him and not feed his frustration. He needs to be able to talk to me without me getting upset about it too, because that only makes him madder when he sees em upset (not at me, at the .....boss......)  Thank you for letting me vent bigtime here..........


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Jun. 2, 2008 at 3:28 PM His boss can not tell him what he can do in his spare time. There are many many people who work two and three jobs just to make the bills. What a jerk!

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 3:48 PM

.....His .......boss........ told him that his first priority is to this company and that he will not stand for anything to come in between my DH and the job getting done. Can you believe the nerve???? He told my DH that he was not allowed to work on something totally different ON HIS OWN TIME!!!!!

That goes against FEDERAL law. Your time is your time. Unless they are going to pay for his days off. He can do what ever he wants to do. He how ever can't do his second job while being paid for the first job. If he was doing that then his boss could say something too him. But other then that his boss can go take a flying leap.

I really hope things work out with the new job app.

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 3:58 PM His boss sounds like he needs to be taken out back and taught some respect. Sorry he is dealing with the devil here. I will pray that he gets this other job and will not have to worry about this other so called company. Hang in there God knows the situation and will deal with it.

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 4:18 PM

Thanks guys.....I just didn't want to vent to him and add to his frustration.

Steph~ when he does a side job he makes sure that he is not the one on call....and if for some reason he does do one while on call it is usually just something quick-like an oilchange- and tells his customer that he is on call an may have to leave........the situation I was talking about above was when he was not on call, they wanted him to take call (beacuse they wanted to go out of town for the weekend) and he told them no, because he had already made the appts. That's when the boss said what he said...........I just wanted to make sure that you knew he was not eating up the boss' time :o)

Again, thanks guys.....I am so blessed to have you all as friends!!

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Jun. 4, 2008 at 2:33 PM Wow. I will definitely be praying he gets this new job along with all the frustrations you all are dealing with now.

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Jun. 5, 2008 at 5:48 PM

Praying for DH and you. 

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