I am a 21 year old mother of one. My husband works in customer service while I stay at home with our daughter. We decided to move into a flat this year instead of an apartment. The people below us were so rude with the loud music. The landlord eventually kicked them out. So for about two months we had the place to ourselves. We didn't have a roach problem or loud music to attend to anymore. Everything was going good. That was until the landlord moved the next neighbor in. It was originally a brother-63 and sister-62 moving in under us. That was fine, at first. The next thing I know he started planting outside what he calls onions (they were not onion plants. They looked more like flowers) and he re-cemented the back porch. Of course the type of family we are, we like to keep things private in our home and don't venture out the house too much. We just stopped going in the back yard.

He then decides that there was yellow mold in the basement and he called his 'lawyers' to come out and 'inspect' the house. The basement was supposed to be shared by both tenants but he decided to move all of his belongings in the basement. That was weird. He then calls the landlord and says that he wants his money back for the flat because he had to stay at his sister's house when he got sick from the yellow mold in the basement. Not to mention, not even a month into the place, he 'claims' to have thrown his sister out of the flat forever because she was stealing his 'money'. I found that weird because he gave my husband a check to hold on to with her name on it. But this isn't the killer though. He destroyed the porch of the woman across the street and constantly asks her for money. He painted the basement blue.

He 'claims' that the people next door to us are dripping 'filth' into the basement and it is affecting the whole house. His remedy for that scares me. He turned on the water from our house with a hose and is flooding one half of the drive way.

The other part to that is the fact that he mixed bleach and ammonia with the water that is flooding one half of the drive way.

I couldn't park in the driveway since the end of May. He placed his fishing equipment on the porch with a no trespassing sign even though he leaves the door open.(you can go through that door and get to both flats). He then, somehow found caution tape to tape off the front porch even though the landlord did not give anyone a key to the back door, making that the only door you can leave out of. He took me to the garage today to tell me that there was gravel under the concrete of the garage.

He then takes a sledge hammer to the concrete and it brakes to many little pieces.

Then he says that is the gravel. My husband and daughter are in Vegas til Friday and they have left me with a nightmare. (right now I am at my mom's house because he came into my place and sprayed roach spray through the entire flat. I can't breathe in there.)
Help Me!!!

Update* I went home to get the charger for the cell phone. I put the key in the door and notice that something was behind the door. I went back to my car and waited for my landlord to come. He pushed the door open to find some kind of iron thing blocking the door. We went upstairs to  my flat to find the door open, after I made sure I locked it. We went inside the house and found this:

 a towel and masking tape on the table. The other item is even more scary. The cops took it off the table quickly.

 a long machete on the table. This is a picture after it was moved to the stairs. Needless to say, I am at my mom's house.

Update2* I went back there to take more pictures of things and to get some stuff for the week stay at my mom's house. The landlord is covering up the things he did by cleaning the place out. The landlord took all of the big knives he had and the sledge hammer. He removed the bottles and cleaned out his apartment. I went downstairs to take pictures of the spotted blue wall and the landlord wanted to know why was I taking pictures and not to worry about this. If that fool thinks I am going to stay there knowing that man knows where I live, he is fooling!!! I want these pictures so I can take them to court and try to break the lease. Thank you all for the comments and for now I think I am safe. According to the Landlord, he was spotted at the house at 5am and the police came out to get him but he got away through the back door. According to my next door neighbor, he was talking to her at 5am and left before the police got there. I found out too that he was trying to burn the house down. I didn't get a chance to get pictures of the blowtorches but I got the black spots of burning on brick pictures.

And as it turns out, he used the sledge hammer on the side of the house too. He claims a mouse made that hole.

He tried to burn the garage with garbage he burned in the burned in the bbq pit.

This man also have all of this stuff in his trunk of a car that is not in use.

And also the gate that he was going to put up to keep out...

But today, the landlord not only prevented me to take the pictures, he wants to fix the door immediately and wouldn't allow me to get a picture of that. He also stated that he was unsure if the house had lead base paint and there are paint chips on the floor.  Thank everyone for the advice and concern but I will take the actions to break the lease and move, when I get my husband to agree on it....

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 8:50 PM have you talked to your landlord? because this man is just CRAZY!  seriously i wouldnt let him in your aparmtent and if he touches it then i would call the cops.. i can not believe what he is doing he seems like he is nuts.. i think the whole situation is just odd honestly... let me know what happens... i hope it gets better!

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