Ok here are mine and you can list the road and what ever you know.I am going to name mine i am not sure what the order is for all of them.

1.Battle Monument
7801 Collingham Drive
Baltimore, MD 21222

2.Middleborough Elementary
313 West Road
Baltimore, MD 21221

I was in pre k here
from 1989-1990

3.Middlesex Elementary
142 Bennett Road
Baltimore, MD 21221

I want to said maybe 1 grade
from 1990-1991

4.Charlesmont Elementary
7800 Collingham Drive
Baltimore, MD 21222

Let see 1992-1993

5.General John Stricker Middle

7855 Trappe Road
Baltimore, MD 21222

From 6 to 7 and part of 8 grade
due to me moving to Las Vegas because of my mom Job.

We Move dec.26,1998

6.Molasky Junior High School
7801 West Gilmore Ave.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89129

The last half of 8 grade

7.cimarron-Memorial high School
2301 North tenaya way
Las Vegas NV,89128

From 9 grade to 12 grade
Finish 2003

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 5:03 PM

yikes, ya made me feel old. lol

You were in 1st grade... I was supposed to be graduating.. from HIGH school. lol  

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