The following was the song we have sung and played at our is slow and has some simple guitar music in the husband and I got married when our little girl was 3 - this song was perfect for us - but I wanted other people's opionion...let me know what you think of the lyrics... 

This Ring...

There he stands in the mirror trying to look his best, it's been a while since he's combed his hair and his palms are full of sweat.  He pretends he's ain't nervous, but its pretty plain to see, heading for the alter, shaking at the knees.  And he knows that he loves her, more than words can say - and everythings changing - after today.  And he takes one step for tomorrow, with the girl of his dreams and one hope for forever as long as his heart beats and one plan for the future to be every thing she needs, and he takes one life with her, with this ring.

There she stands in the mirror, trying to look just right, her friends tell she's beautiful with tears in their eyes.  She pretends she ain't nervous, she hides with a smile, gets her courage and holds her breath, walking down the isle.  But she knows that she loves him, more than words can say, and everythings changing - after today.  And she takes one step for tomorrow with the man of her dreams, and one hope for forever as long as her heart beats, and one plan for the future, be  everything he needs, she takes one life with him, with this ring.

After all the crowd has gone they hold each other tight, look down at their little girl and know every thing is right.  And they take one step for  tomorrow, with the love of their dreams, and one hope for forever as long as their hearts beat, and on plan for the future, they have everything they need, and they live one life together, with this ring.

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