So i've been suffering a bad case of baby fever, which was tempoarily put on hold by a chemical pregnancy. And then i decided i wanted to wait to get pregnant till this summer so i could have a spring time baby. That way it gives us a few months in between all our birthday's and thanksgiving and Christmas before we have to plan another birthday party. I know i'm probably crazy to want to plan it that way, but there is only a two month span that includes my DD birthday-10-20-06, our anniversary 10-22-05, my hubby's bday 11-26-81, thanksgiving also in november, Christmas and my b-day 01-02-87. And during the holidays money gets tight so i figure if i have a spring time baby (God allowing) it will give us some space to try and save up money so we can throw the child a good birthday party too. And Next week i'll be fertile and we get to start trying again.We aren't gonna push anything because when we were trying with our DD we gave up when it took us longer than 6 months to get pregnant. And then all the sudden we got a test marked with 2 pink lines. Go figure. So we learned the hard way it's better not to stress about it and just let things take there own course, but at the same time i can't help but be really excited that we are gonna be trying again. It took me months of talking to my husband for him to agree to have a second child. After my DD was born he wanted me to get my tubes tied. Thank goodness there is a law saying you can't do that until you are a certain age or have a certain amount of children.

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Jul. 3, 2008 at 2:08 AM


YAY! I'm gonna get to be an auntie again!!!

I didn't get to do that when My brother and his g/f finally told us they were pregnant... so I'm doing it early... but I really want you to have a baby.... I'll sprinkle baby dust on ya.

You know I love ya.... and I'm here when you need me  :) 

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