So....Over the weekend, I arranged a 'girl date' with my best girlfriend. The kids had been driving me crazy and I needed to get away. I arrived at her house around 1:30pm and we chatted and drank tea and snacked before heading off to see Sex And The City. We both loved the movie, it did not disappoint! =) However, we got there five minutes into the previews. The theater was crowded so we sat in the front, like the 3rd or 4th row, YIKES!! Real up close and personal for those sex scenes!! That wasn't so bad though. The chick next to me brought her boyfriend, which I diiiieed about!!!! because he sat next to me.....  Had this been any other movie, any other day, I would not have cared.    This particular day, I was grouchy, with a headache, back pain, cramps, etc. and just wanted some girl time. Every time this guy chewed loud, burped, bumped me or talked during the movie, I cringed for a good half hour.  I finally snapped out of it when my dear friend told me to 'quit being so weird about it'. LOL =)   I just wasn't myself for a few days lol.....

So, after the movie we went back to her house, hung out and chit chatted, ate more, drank more, enjoyed our girl time until we were exhausted.

As we were exchanging our very heartfelt, warm, good bye hug, the stereo that was turned off made noise. It didn't turn all the way on, it wasn't a song. It was a tztztzzttzzzzz sound. She said it happens all the time, as well as other electric 'things'. It's her lost soul mate Jesse. He passed away in January and had a lot of unfinished business here. My friend and I talked about it a little bit more and agree that at that particular moment, our hug helped his soul feel more at peace.

My friend is in therapy regarding the death of her loved one. I was there the day he was shot too, but I don't really have any one to talk to about it. I wasn't close to Jesse. I knew him for a long time, but we were not close. The way he died did not shock or surprise me. Although seeing him on life support and my friend break at the core level of her soul was almost indescribable. The thoughts of those moments during those few days make me catch my breath. And as awful as they were they were also incredibly deep beautiful raw soul moments that I wish this world had more of.


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Jun. 2, 2008 at 4:22 PM i think stuff like that is amazing....i know it exsists because....i just do lol it's unexplainable but i think that is pretty cool. the story is sad but the fact that you guys know he's better now is cool...

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