Well i am two days away from finishing school and starting my extern.. Well I am already feeling overwhelmed.... I realized that my life is going to be almost opposite of what it is like now! I stayed home with my daughter till just recently. and yes being a sahm is tough but it is going to be a chore trying to get used to having me and jer at work... him starting school soon and getting ready to move into out OWN place... I am so excited but the intensisty scares me a little... I am only 17 but dont have the time to act it.. i am already over trying to go out and have fun, but i sometimes hate the fact taht everyone comes to me to fix things. If they dont know what to do or really need help i am the one they run to. It gets ehausting especially when i have no idea what I am doing myself. Dont get me wrong i love the fact that ppl already look to me for help but i dont know i ust cant explan the huge pressure on myself.. i also feel like i cant mess up b/c i dont want ppl to think they were right about me. i want to prove taht i am not that teen girl who had a baby then decided not to grow up.. My whole hometown is filled with those girls and i DONT AND WONT be one of them.... I haven't written or really talked about much in the last few years.. i just hold it in andI am glad that I can finally just write it down. As I write this i am not really sure if it even makes sense, but I dont CARE!!! I feel dumb complianing about the good things that are happening in my life because it could be so much worse... I dont know why I am COMPLAINING about finishing school, suceeding, and having responsibility! THat to me is a great thing and i cant wait to excel even MORE! So why am i questining myself? Why do I feel it is not enough? WHY> WHY WHY? I feel like if I mess up my whole world will tumble down below me.. Like if I cant fix everything ppl will look down on me... I just dont even know what to think right now.... UGH>> WELL THANKS FOR LETTING ME TALK ! SORRY SO LONG LOL

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Jun. 5, 2008 at 12:29 AM You should like a very strong woman, and wise beyond your years. I wish you good luck in your venture into the nursing field. You have a beautiful little girl and you seem extremly responsible. We need more woman out there like you. Good luck girl.

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Jun. 11, 2008 at 2:28 PM

Hey- I am just stopping thru.. I have to commend you.. you are DOING something.  I got pg at age 14 and was forced to give her up for adoption- it was an 'open' adoption- so I could still be in contact and all- and I still am..  Now being a mom later in life (I will be 35 this year) I reckognize that I probably couldn't have handled it as a young mom (you are older than I was- and seemingly mroe responsible).  Don't let anyone's box fall over you- meaning- step outside that box and DO YOU.  You have a positive attitude and a devotion to suceed.. plus a beautiful little girl- and you are beautiful as well.. Your gonna make it.  My daughter is now 19 and she's never been pregnant.. however she is way behind you - doesn't work, didn't finish school, smokes weed all day..

Being a young mom - makes you just that.. a young mom.. not like you said - a statistic.  Become an example of how it's done.. you are off to a GREAT start.


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