The List of Broken Things In Our House

  1. The central heat and guessed it! 105 in the shade and NO A/C! It is not has to be replace to the tune of about $5,000!
  2. The dishwasher.....a piece of junk I know but it was all we had and seeing as I HATE washing dishes and no one else seems to understand that they do not magically wash themselves, I am seriously not happy about the fact that it has died!
  3. The double window in the girl's bedroom.....Micheala broke not only the storm window but the actual window too! And the instead of listening to Dad and putting the frame in the back of the truck to go get glass cut for it, she THREW IT IN THE DUMPSTER!!!!!! We discovered this yesterday! So now we get to buy not one but 2 new windows we cannot afford right now!
  4. And now, my fairly new VERY expensive washer has decided to go completely STUPID and malfunction on me! I can't even call a repair man because no one anywhere NEAR here has even heard of the brand let alone works on them! I think there is a short in the control panel, probably a one in a million defect but our luck (rather lack of) makes it happen to OUR machine, that guessed it....out of warranty!


Please God, make it stop! Between the $800.00 light bill and the fact that pay day was the 1st for Wes and he still has no paycheck, the boss went out of town this morning and our drafts will likely start causing us over draft fees, this is just NOT our week! And it is only Monday!  I could just crawl in a hole and not come out. I didn't even mention the 4 games for the girls and 1 for Tucker that we cannot afford fuel to get to and the front end alignment & tires that Wes' truck has needed desperately for nearly a year now!

The graduation was a horrible evening. I do not even want to go into that right now. Still hurts to bad.

I am trying to sew myself a new purse and so far it is looking good. If it turns out ok, I am thinking of making up some with fabric I already have and selling them. Who know...I could be the next Gucci! Yeah....right!



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Jun. 3, 2008 at 1:41 PM damn! i can relate to the a.c. (ours is goood now) and the washing machine. we didn't have one for a month, remember? got a set yesterday and hove done 20 loads so far so i'll prob be having a similar electric bill here also. i would go see in your area if there is an orginazation that can help with your bills. for now invest in some window fans, oscillating fans, heck,.any kind of fans!

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 5:21 PM Well you know how they say things happen in multiples of 3's, you just seem to have the luck of the run!!  When it rains it pours!  I sure hope you come in to some lost money to help with those expenses!!  Good luck and sending you hugs. ((())))

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