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here's what I think....

Carla (or Karla, for that matter) is of Italian origin and means "strong." It's the feminine form of the name Charles.

Isabel (Isabelle, Isabella, or any other spelling) is of Spanish origin and means "consecrated of God" or "God is my oath." No I didn't know this prior to naming her. I just liked the name. 

Amber is derived from English and means "precious" - neither did i know this naming her. I named her after my best friend growing up. Danielle is her middle name. It's derived from Hebrew and means "God is my judge." Interesting, hmm?

David is derived from Hebrew as well and means "beloved". Neither did i know of this when it came to giving him this name. His middle name is Jonathan, which is also of Hebrew origin, means "God has given." Which suits him perfectly. Because he really is my little gift from God.

So now everybody else knows what our names mean, too! How cool is that?

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 4:18 PM

The name was coined by R. D. Blackmore for the heroine of his novel "Lorna Doone" (1869). He would have formed it from the title of the Marquesses of Lorne.

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