Well...as I mentioned, I was raised Catholic, and was VERY active in the church (youth ministry team leader, sat am Catechism teacher, then later, high school confirmation team member). DH was raised in a Four Square church and absolutely refused to attend my church. But being the mean and very different (well back then) girlfriend that I was, I went ahead & did my own thing w/ the kids. A couple years ago, the Lord led us to Riverside (approx 80 miles east of where my ENTIRE family and way of life was). I am POSITIVE it was the doing of the Lord, because before then, I would have never (a) picked up & moved so far from my family and (b) lived w/ my in-laws, or (c) COMMUTED, each day! It was literally, like 1 day, MIL called us and offered us their upstairs (3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, & a huge bonus area which we used as a living room). She & FIL had just had the house built the year before and had offered before, but we always said no. This one particular day, dh & I were ALL for it! So that weekend, we rented a storage facility and moved! But things went from just occasionally ok to worse. We kept the kids in school in Lawndale (two blocks from our last home), I kept working 10 minutes from there & dh kept working in the beach cities (Redondo, Torrance, PV...) We were leaving the house each morning by 5-5:15ish just to get the kids to school by 8. Often times, we would have to wait for dh to finish working, so we wouldn't even head home until 9ish. The weekends were even worse because I kept wanting to participate in activities w/ my family and dh just wanted to rest. We were exhausted and fighting ALL the time. I told my mom and that next weekend, she took me to see a card reader- YES, a card reader because SURELY, somebody had put some kind of spell on me to get me to agree to such a change. And I agreed...LOL Ofcourse that lady couldn't "see" anything...because there was a greater plan already in play and it had not been set in motion by anybody here on earth!

OK, so all the while, MIL kept inviting us to church with her. Ofcourse we said no, because we started to blame her for our lives going awry. Finally, after an emotional plea from her because she was sick of hearing dh & I argue, we went to Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside (Greg Laurie's church). And it was so comfortable and so inviting, we fit right in and decided to start going regularly. Then dh & I began reading the bible often. Things began to calm down a bit, but the kids were struggling w/ school- HELLO...they weren't getting much homework time or sleep! So, after years of working and literally, priding myself on the fact that I could support myself and my kids if ever necessary, I quit my job, my position, my salary...just walked away. I took the kids out of school in Lawndale and enrolled them in Riverside. They fit right in and made friends quickly. I was with them and had more time for prayer, and joined the weekly bible study. At the same time that I was growing in my faith, dh was growing in HUGE ways, as well...he had offered up the business to the Lord, and we began to become busier. All this time, we had our in-house elders around for counseling daily. We would bring any issues between dh & I and together, the 4 of us would discuss things and pray over them...was AWESOME!!!!!  

I was saved on my first retreat that first May. No great story behind it...I always knew the Lord, and it just felt sooo right.

DH gave his life in October of that year. We were sitting in service, & like usual, Pastor Greg has everybody bow their heads and asks if anybody would like to come to the Lord by a show of hands. I felt dh move, but thought nothing of it. So, after we open our eyes, Pastor asks everybody who raised their hands to please stand and publicly say their testimony of faith while the rest of us pray for them. AND DH STANDS!!! I was in tears! I had NO idea! Infact, a few minutes before, I was upset at him for playing along w/ the drums on the back of the pew in front of us LOL! But the Lord is and has remained at work within us.

* A side story about the day dh gave his life...MIL showed up late, so she was not sitting w/ us. She had been very worried about SIL and some of her issues, so she MIL was trying to devote all of her prayer this day for SIL. SO after church, we took the kids out to a movie, and MIL kept calling dh on his cell (but we missed it because we were in the movies). Anyway, we walk in the house and she is WORRIED about dh because she said that his face kept popping in her head during service and when she tried to pray. She asks if he's ok and he says yes, and I am like shouting, "HE WAS SAVED TODAY! HE GAVE HIS LIFE TO THE LORD!! WHERE WERE YOU GUYS??? CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???" Then dh left MIL & I to go play w/ the boys because we were both in tears. LOL

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 4:19 PM What a beautiful testimony.  Thanks for sharing it.

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 5:06 PM Isn't the power of  God awesome !

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