It seems to me that my best friend no longer wants to be friends. And it really hurts because we have had some crazy good times together. We went to see Joyce Meyer when she was in town. We went to a Women of Faith conference together. We used to get together once a week to drink entirely too much coffee and eat chocolate or ice cream and carry on like school girls. She was the pastor's wife and I was the associate pastor's wife of the church we went to before it was forced to close its doors in January. She and I planned every church event. Now, I have no physical friends whatsoever. I haven't heard from her in ages. She usually sends me some kind of smack talk. We know how far we can go with each other before we cross the line. We used to rag on each other all the time. On the phone. On line. In person. It was a lot of fun. I miss that. When I saw that she had removed me from her MySpace friend list, I cried. And then I saw that she had deleted her account entirely. I have tried to contact her, to no avail. An email three days ago has gone unanswered. I have tried several times to call her on the phone, but evidently her phone has been disconnected.The last resort I guess would be to write her a letter.

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 4:22 PM That's too bad......  i don't think I'd send a 'letter'.... at best, I might send a nice 'simple' card.... ---  and then "Leave It Alone"......... - My best friend and I have both had people in our lives, that didn't last or this type of thing happened................. "and we both agree the 'worst' thing you can do is "Chase" them........  you just have to back off and go on with your Life..... they may come back around or not.... --- Anyway:  How was it seeing Joyce Meyer??.... I really like her, and have always wanted to go to one of her conference's......... was it worth it............ - Is she really pretty in person?

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