Its been 12 days and 12 very long ones since Ive entered the NICU experience. I was not expecting at all for this to happen to my little one. I only thought like the other 2 deliveries there might be some concerns but nothing would come out as being serious. The 9 days it took for her to be stable enough for me to hold her and now waiting till she is well enough to come home. Day by Day she has gotten better after a long wait of staying the same. I know she is where she needs to be and home is where she will be when she is ready. Her nurses and doctors are the best and with them she was able to get through her hurdles.

So today she was as precious as ever. I held her for almost 2 hours and hardly took my eyes off her. Her monitor never alarmed and that is always a good sign. They are taking out her central line today. She will no longer need an IV. She will most likely graduate to a crib instead of an intensive care bed and the only things she will have on her are what monitors her stats (heart-rate, resps, and blood oxygen.) I know they want to take it slow and Im  okay with this since they often tell me she was one of the sickest ones in there. She is getting very good care. I cant wait to show her off and I know that time is almost here.

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 4:21 PM congrads!! on her birth and i am sure she will be home soon

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