Well I wasn't sure what my name meant so I looked it up on parents.com and this is what they had to say:

My name is Emily:

The top ranked name in the United States and Canada for more than 10 years and recently fell to No. 5 in England during 2006. Listed among the top 50 names since 1975. Derived from the medieval feminine form of Aemilius that became a literary name associated with British writer Emily Bronte and American poet Emily Dickinson.

 I figured while I was at it I would look up the rest of my families names:

 My daughter Alyssa's name means:

Derived from the yellow, white, pink, or purple Alyssum flower. First used in popularity as a girl's name in 1963 and listed among the top 100 in 1986, just two years after actress Alyssa Milano began her career on the television sitcom, "Who's the Boss?" The name has continued to climb among the top 20, likely due to the fashionable "y" in the middle spelling.

 My daughter Mattea's name means:

"Gift from God" in Hebrew

My husband Kye's name:

Originates from several possible sources. Might be a variation of the Latin name Gaius or the short form of Kylie. Also means "sea water" in Hawaiian. Rapidly catching on in the United States since 1979. Popular in England, South Australia, and Wales. Used as a girl's name.

My son Lane's name means:

A surname for someone who lived by a lane, or a passage between a fence or hedge. Nathan Lane, the Tony Award-winning stage and screen actor, bears the name.

 Well that's all folks!

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