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So I have become completely obsessed with movie 300.  In so many aspects. I am drawn, it is like gravity.

At first it was simple, it was the connection between King Leonidas and his wife, Queen Gorgo.  The dynamic they share, it is so perfect, so beautiful.  It is raw love, and open.  They are for each other, an entity that no one else can compare.

I watched the begining of the movie 3 times before I saw the middle and end.  I finally saw the end last night and the movie hit something inside of me.  The inner warrior, the strong woman, the fighter. 

This movie is so POWERFUL.  It holds every truth to a man and his masculinity.  Him being a REAL man.  Something that is all but forgotten in this day and age of emasculation.  These Spartans, these real men, fight for honor and glory.  They have a pride a sense of duty and self worth.  These Spartan men know what they hold, the skill they had.  They used it wisely and fought to the death.  That is just intense, a rush, adrenaline....it is a woman feeling the power of a man.

300 also portrayed a woman who is submissive towards her husband, yet Queen of a land.  It shows how she can be soft spoken, feminine, beautiful and reserved.  This woman holds also, strength a revire, her own power and mind.  She was her King's wife and stood behind him and knew her place, yet she opened herself and made herself known. It is amazing the simple yet oh so cunning ways, that the minds of Spartans had.  What a noble line of blood to be from. 

So in light of this, it goes back to my last journal entry: what is society doing to our boys? In turn shaping our men into what? So much of the world seems to want push down and beat out what makes our boys, our MEN.  The people who protect us, the men who fight for us.

This definitely makes me appreciate all the more, the raw and hard edged man my husband is.  His stubborn ways and the fight that makes him the leader of our home.  To know that he would go out, as King Leonidas did, and leave us behind to fight for our freedom. 

Appreciation to men, real men in this world today. Men still knowing the power that is held in chivalry, fidelity, honor, respect, truth, trust and loyalty.  Appreciation to God, for giving one of them to me.

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 8:41 PM

Too bad historically the movie is a crock of commercial shit lol.

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 1:02 PM definately a different way to look at the movie... I never thought so in depth about it before, but everything you said is true, and it truly was a very good movie too. "D -Sincerely Cyndi "D

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 6:54 PM

Great post.

It's not really about the historical accuarcy, it's about what that movie represented to you.

I agree, and am also elated to have a real man for a husband. 

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