Sometimes I wonder why God decided to send me Dante. Me, out of all the good,wiser and patient people in this world. I think about it when he is a perfect angel with that melting smile and when he's having a tantrum on Shop Rite and everybody is just staring... why me? sometimes it's a whine but sometimes is a thank you prayer.

Well after a lot of thought here is what I came up with:

1. God gave Dante because he knew I needed a reason to live on

2. He knew no matter how bad he gets I WILL NEVER GIVE UP ON HIM

3. He knew I am detailed obsess, very handy when dealing w/ the tons of paperwork for dr, early intervention, DDD...

4. He knew Dante will show me the world in a way I never knew it existed, and make me appreciate the feeling of dirt in my fingers and melting ice cream in my face.

5. God knew to give me Dante because I needed a huge dose of reality check in my life.

6. Also because he knew I will finally learn patience with him.

7.  Of course, Dante was sent to me because my heart is big enough to accept all the good and bad that comes with him. All the success and heartbreaks too.

8. Because he knew I have enough energy for a full-time job, 2 hours in the playground and the night classes (I really haven't just figure out this one yet)

9. He knew that the word Autism was not going to scare me into denial, and I would become an instant made advocate for Dante.

10. Because I always believe in tomorrow.

11. He knew I was ready to learn how to love somebody more than myself

12. Also because we both love to be tickle, play silly games and find the best hidden cookies at grandma's.

13. But maybe most important of all because I wanted him more than anything, because Dante represents everything good in me and it's my everyday reminder that with love and laughs mountains do move.

Mommy loves Dante 4ever!


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Jun. 2, 2008 at 6:57 PM oh my friend that was so beautiful, i think every mom needs to see life with autism through your eyes. thank you so much, for touching my tired heart today.

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