When I was a child, I had a pretty limited digestion process.

I didn't like certain foods, although I did like foods that most kids did not even want to think about trying, escargot being one of them...it's been a favorite of mine since I was 6.

But this isn't about food..

While I was growing up, I was being told different things by different people, and much of what I was told was stained on my brain, although it never carried any deep resonance in me.

I wish someone would have told me about resonance at an early age..I wish I would have been told about the power of choice & my own ability to choose wisely. But that wasn't the case.

I was underestimated, as most children are.

Therefore, I was told what to think, what to believe & what to feel, and until I became a teenager, I followed suit in action, but never in heart or mind.

I did however have a sense of fear about speaking what I felt, because those who told me what to think & feel, delivered their words in such a way, that the very thought to contradict them carried the weight of consequence and punishment, so I just played along and learned to doubt & resent.

I learned to second guess myself, and others.

Then I started reading books that weren't suggested to me, but that I felt connected to simply by looking at the cover, touching the pages..

The fire was lit.

I was amazed when I learned that other people felt a deeper sense of themselves as I had..I was baffled by the size of the reading section that held such truth, compared to the sections that had books that only perpetuated the lies..

But I kept reading, digesting more & more and allowing my soul to sing in the words of each page that rang bells of constant freedom.

Nothing I learned in school or church was offered in these books..in fact, everything I knew on a deeper level, about higher truths & no division? School & church had only ever offered me the opposite or, at the very least, a ridiculous riddle, told by ancient men.

So starting out, I took little bites. I realized that I had to regurgitate what tasted & felt like poison in me, before I could really take in anything and have it stay down.

Slowly & gradually my bites got bigger..

I could open my mind wider, to let more in..

I would try & share this amazing food for thought, this radical mind nutrition, but many were still addicted to baby food.

I had moved on to solids.Small bites, but solids none the less.

I know too, that had someone tried to feed me information this heavy when I began, I would have spit it out. I would not have retained it, or kept it down. The after shocks of this sort of spiritual ecoli had lasting mind bending effects on me. I had to be slow, regardless of my thirst & hunger for truth.

This truth gave me patience when I came across someone still thinking baby food was the end all, be all.

I had to start out soft. Maybe an out of body experience isn't considered baby food for you, but it was for me. Maybe seeing ghosts & hearing their wisdom would be prime rib for you, if it was even on your menu, but it was on my menu & it was cake for me..

My path was getting broad & I was taking it all in as fast as I could. This was the only fast food I ever craved, who needs McDonald's when you're practicing the art of remote viewing?

It lead me to right here. Right now.

I reject nothing on the menu, but I know what I prefer, what stays down.

What information is like oatmeal, warming my insides & keeping me fueled for the day, ready to interact with those who's diets won't allow for heavier, chunkier food for thought.

Everything on the menu is there for the preferring..no one food is better for me than the next, but all of it carries differing nutritional value for my expansion.

How could I continue to eat baby food when my heart, mind, body & soul craved a far more exquisite diet?

I honored my truth, and began to appreciate the smorgasbord of offerings...grateful for the entire universe of information, and the speed at which I could digest it all..

I'll be honest..

I get bugged when someone tries to offer me processed anything. I don't like artificial sweeteners & I am pretty picky about anything canned.

So, there it is there...

What's exciting, is that every year, I grow to enjoy a new flavor..for instance, this year, I came to have a taste for blue cheese..I always hated blue cheese..I also thought I would never be able to be around a loud group of people, chewing their baby food, screaming their opinions as fact and spitting their food at each other while claiming not to be arrogant or stubborn. Now though? I have acquired the ability to be in the company of anyone, and not judge them or focus on our differences..

I can just love everyone, and talk about the fillet I'm eating and my enjoyment of it, never assuming it will fit your taste buds delivering you the same level of happiness..

This is my life. My menu. My ability to digest.

And it has become increasingly apparent to me, that as much as I adore them? Babies can't eat steak.








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Jun. 2, 2008 at 10:00 PM you are indigo.

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 10:40 PM

Timely, as ever, Ms Aim....I just this morning listened the the Ask and it is GIven chapter about creating our pie in our fully stocked kitchens...

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 11:10 PM

Thanks T. I needed exactly that reminder.

Love you soul sister. 

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 12:44 AM

Absolute brilliance.


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