iv entered my litte car in our local newspapers comp,its called mod my motor,kinda like a pimp my ride of the southwest,i need loads of votes to win a make over for my wee car,,so go to the following web page and get voting you can vote as many times as you want and if i win i will buy you a pint or two,,

http://www. modmymotor. org/
you will find me on floor 3 row 2 pic two.

im mum to 4 kids my 12yr old has type 1 diabetes which has always been hard t control,she often gets sick very quickly and im always haveing to rush her into hospital,my little car has never let me down but could do with some tlc...i cant afford to do the car up myself as iv had to give up workin due to ill health,
thank you again in advance

please please vote for me..
i will love you all forever xxxxxx

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