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So today was my best friend's court date to finalize her divorce.  She called me this morning to make sure I knew where to go and we agreed on a place to meet up, because the courthouse is downtown and parking is ugly.  So we were going to meet somewhere and just take one vehicle.  I left work and traffic was just oh so fun, but I figured getting downtown at that time of the day would be a pain, so I left in plenty of time.  I was almost at our meeting spot when my phone rang.  I was driving Bill's truck.  Now, in my van, you just hit the volume button to turn off the stereo.  Not so in the truck.  Hitting the volume button only switches what it controls, so I'm trying to turn the stupid thing off and I'm adjusting the balance or something.  I finally just answered the phone and hoped I could hear it over my loud music.  It was her boyfriend telling me that she had a flat tire and they were fixing it.


This girl has THE worst luck ever.  Well, to be fair, some of it isn't necessarily "bad luck" but just not-so-great decisions.  Like when her spare tire got a flat on the interstate the night before she was going to go replace all her tires.  Now, to me, it might not have been such a great idea to be driving around if your tires are bad enough that they all have to be replaced.  But, that's her.  I can't really say the flat tire today was her fault though.  Different vehicle.  (they maybe should check their driveway for sharp objects?) 

So I decided to just go on to the courthouse and wait for her there.  I sat and waited.... and waited.... she called and asked me the best way to get there and I could tell she was really upset because she was a good 10 minutes away still and it was 8:40.  She was supposed to be there by 8:45.  I sat an thought "well, who do I know that's divorced that would know how it's run in there?"  My boss.  So I called her to ask if everyone with a hearing that day is scheduled all at once or if they have specific times.  I know that when I go to small claims court for work that everyone is told to be there at one time and you just sit and wait your turn.  She said she thought that's how it was and told me maybe I should go inside and if they call her, just let them know what was going on.  It was already 8:45 by then and I was not walking into a court already in session when I really had no reason to be there without her.

She finally called me to see where exactly to be and where to park and I saw her driving up the road.  She stopped at a red light and I ran across and jumped in the truck with her to get her to a parking place (she was really lost and really upset).  We run the couple of blocks to the courthouse and went inside.  I'm so freaking stressed out that I'm having chest pains.  (yeah, yeah, go to the doctor)  We get to the court room and luckily they weren't finished yet.  Almost, but not quite.  Her stupid lawyer then asks her to give him a reason why she is getting divorced.  Say what?  He's like "you have 10 seconds, why are you divorcing your husband?"  I'm thinking that maybe that should have been covered, oh....BEFORE YOU GET TO COURT.  She was just so flustered.  She said it was irreconcilable differences.  He said that's not grounds for divorce.  I guess that's an Arkansas thing.  Now, he's cheated on her in the past, and she was trying not to bring that into the divorce, but she was kind of up against a wall and had to.  I guess around here if you're not being beaten or cheated on you have to stay married forever. 

I was just so worried for her, but then decided one of us had to be confident that it was going to go through, so I just kept repeating to myself that the judge would grant her a divorce.  And she did. 

So that's done.  Hallelujah.  Of course he's going to throw THE biggest fit when he finds out what the grounds for divorce are, but in my opinion....  if you don't want it used against you, don't do it.  I thought she should have said it was mental abuse, because honestly he manipulated her so badly when they were together that I barely knew who she was anymore. 

Anyway, I went back to work and then had a call that just about gave me some more chest pains.  My coworker told me I had a call, and usually if it's a billing call, she says so.  So I assumed it was a personal call.  This woman says "this is so and so from Emergency Medical Transport...."  Holy crap, I just about freaked out.  My first thought was "what happened to my girls?  or is it Bill?  or, good lord, my daddy?"  The woman just had a question about the insurance a patient had.  Phew.  Of course then I was like "you moron, as if the ambulance people call you in an emergency anyway."  Or maybe they do, I don't know, don't care to find out.

Then our power went out at work.

It's been such a fun day.  =)


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