Revenge on a kid....really? are you serious? why would you want harm to come to any child weither it is yours or not.  I can see being utterly mad and furios and never speaking to a child if that was a reasonalbe possibility.  But to seek out revenge? WHO IS THE CHILD HERE?

ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE.....ok, so i know that isn't always the realty however that song is in my head when I read what a Mother wrote about how she hates all step children and their mothers  and wants to get revenge.


I guess Hate is too strong of a word that I just don't use. I have disliked someone..and yes I have been really scared of a 5 year old for pouring water over a floor outlet next to my bed.......but I didnt' hate the child, ...something was wrong but I couldn't hate her just felt alot of feelings for her...and moved out really fast. Never wanted revenge.  

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