So I thought I would take a moment to update everyone about my life.


Life really couldn't get any better than it is right now.  Alyvia is now 3 1/2 months old and Brock just had his 3rd birthday the end of April.  He starts pre-k in August and he's getting really excited.  He's my little helper and anything his sister needs he sees to it.  I never would have thought he would have became so attached to her.  Here I was thinking that when Alyvia was born Brock would throw tantrums and act out and maybe even resent his sister but he is actually the complete opposite.  He is always running to her when she fusses and loves to help feed her.  He is quite when she is napping and is always talking to her and showing her his toys.  He has to be in the same room as her at almost all times.  If anything I would say having a little sister has completely calmed him down!!!  I have never been prouder of him.  He is truly growing up way to fast.  Now miss Alyvia I would have to say is doing the same thing.  She can now roll over and loves to try her hardest to sit up on her own.  She is always cooing and giggling at us and when she gets in one of her fussy moods all we have to do is get her big brother and she is back into her happy mood.  SO freaking cute!!!!  She is now almost 14lbs and almost 26in.  She is growing like a tree.  Still doesn't sleep through the night but only wakes up once for a bottle then goes right back to sleep.  I am just so proud of my kids.  They are truly a blessing.

 Now my husband Is doing great.  He is my soul mate and god how I love him.  When Brock was born it took some getting used to for him.  He no longer had 100% of my time and had to learn how to share.  Don't get me wrong he loved his son but just wasn't used to having another person around.  He also didn' take an active role in helping me with him.  I was the stay at home mom so he expected me to do everything.  About 3 months of that and we were doing everything equally it just took alittle bit to get him going.  Now when Alyvia was born it was so completely opposite.  If  it wasn't for breastfeeding I would have never held her.  He always helped with the midnight changing and putting her back to bed after she ate.  He cooked and cleaned and would play with both kids so I could rest.  If she was awake he was holding her and talking to her and always had my son right next to his side.  It was the cutest thing.  And now almost 4 months afterwards he is still so attached to them.  We never go out unless maybe its a special occasion and even then I swear if kids were allowed to come he would bring them.  Those babies are his main concern and I really couldnt have asked for a better father.  HE was meant to be a daddy!!!!  He is my soul mate and after having Aly it just shows more.

 I am back at work for the time being and its ok.  I would much rather be at home but that doesn't pay the bills.  I lost all my baby weight so that was exciting because I didn't with my first pregnancy.  I only have 15 lbs to go get down to my original weight before my 1st was born.  We are in the process of buying a home so hopefully that will happen soon just really hard finding something that we both really like and want to spend the next few years in.

So that is whats going on right now.  I am loving life and my family.

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