So my hubby and I are tired of renting and we have decide that is it time to buy a house. We found a great started home about 15 min away from where we're at now. This is the first home that both of had agreed on.  the asking price is $154,900, 3 brd, 1 bath, full unfinished basement, living room and a eat in kitchen no appliances, and all updated about 1,070 sq ft. I'm in need of some house buying tips! I have gotten screwed so much in my life that our first home I don't want to get screwed. We have a realtor but I need extra tips, or websites would be great too. 

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 4:52 PM WOW..Houses must be more expensive in your area..I live in Texas..We just purchased a home it is 4 bedroom,2 1/2baths,2,700 square feet,totally remodeled for 94,000..I wish you the best of luck!

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 6:13 PM

NOt sure of any websites.


BUT we got screwed. Have you seen the house with the people OUT of it? Not still living there? seen it BARE? If not - DO IT! Ours had an abuser in it which we didn't know until they finally moved out - holes EVERYWHERE!

Second, get your OWN inspector. It's worth the money - check it all: wiring (we had a fire due to bad wiring 13 days after we moved in), septic/sewer (ours needs totally dug up and replaced, which the mortgage company hired the inspector and he said it was fine), house stability, etc. It's worth it.

If there's free gas - MAKE CERTAIN OF IT! We bought it becuae there was - two years after moving in we wer going to hook it up and was about to dig when out of the blue a neighbor produced what is believed to be a false document stating they had rights to the gas at a cap of $50 a month. The judge wanted to rule in our favor - but couldn't because the owner that signed it is passed on, though it looked as false as could be.

Find out how old the roof is - even if you have to have someone look at it extensively, don't go just what you are told.

Also call yourself to make sure it's a certain taxes, school district, etc. One on my road just sold a plot of land saying it was in another school district, a much lower tax area, etc and it wasn't. They were mad, especially when they learned it was not 10 acres, but only 4 acres, becuase *we* own 6 of those acres over there. Another court battle.

Keep in mind that the payment you get qouted is NOT the payment - you gotta add in the taxes and insurance! SO it's actually higher than what you are quoted.


We bought our's 2900 sq feet, 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, 2 3car garages, pool, 26 acres for a whole $118,000. But still got seriously screwed and have been paying the price for the last 5 years we've been here.


Also do NOT get an adjustable rate - you will pay higher. Make sure it's firm. You can always refinance later and get a lower rate. And make sure there are no penalties if you pay off early. Some places do that. You want it where there are NO penalities if you pay it off early. Being a first home for you, you may want to pay it off early.


Good luck! I hope you don't get screwed! I really really do! 

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