I get private messages every day about my siggy so I thought to write a tutorial

Heres another example:

Yes, I did it myself. I used Paint Shop Pro to do it ( I'll call it PSP from now on) . For the ones that want to learn how to do it I wrote a tutorial. I honestly hope you get it 'cause I stink when it comes to give explanations ( just ask my kids! they always ask daddy ).

Now to follow this tutorail you need to have basic knowledge of paint shop pro , photoshop, paint.net or any program that works with layers. Paint.net is free and you can download trials for the otherones. I did the tutorial based on PSP but if you have knowledge in other programs you can easily adapt it.

I open a new image and I used 8x3 inches and 400 resolution. I always use over 300 resolution on my works cause its better quality. Highter res = better quality, but also it requires more memory so using high res can put your computer really slow. I usually close any other programs and user accounts before starting to work and even doing that this old thing freezes If i use more than 400 res.

In PSP ( and this step is way diferent than other programs ) The first thing I did was to select a Wide FONT. Then On the Materials pallete (where you set the colors) I set my foreground color ( thats gonna be the border of the text) and on the background color box I check the no background color option. . Then on the toolbar I select the stroke which is how wide your letter border its gonna be. This way you get hollow letters you can use any font you want but oviously the wider the better. You can also download Hollow fonts like action Jackson, Agent orange or agent red etc. and its easier cause they are already hollow.

when using high res you will notice the biggest font size on the toolbar is too small 72 BUT you can select that number and type your own. I usually works with 300 but you can type in any number till 1000

then select your pictures. Its easier if you edit them and make any corrections you want to make in them BEFORE start doing your text thing. You can make corrections later but its more confusing cause you will have to be changing layers again and again .

I do one letter at the time. I paste my pic on a new layer, resize it to fit the desired letter and when its in place i just erase whatever is outside my letter, To make the effect of the picture coming out of the text , for example you want his hand coming out you patiently erase around the hand, leaving it sticking out, Then go to the text layer and erase the part of the text thats over the hand, Its quite easy but tricky at the same time cause you need a good pulse.
Something that helps is I make a duplicate of my text layer BEFORE editing it. and I put the pictures layers between the two text layes . That way if you mess the first one you have a back up!
after you finish you add your second picture in a new layer and repeat all steps till you are done.

When you text is done and everything is perfect you merge your text and pics layers only. ( you join the layers) DO NOT FLATTEN THE IMAGE Than will make easier if you have to move your text because all is gonna stay in place. I strongly suggest to save a copy before you merge if you need to make some changes later, Then you add a shadow and fill your background. You can add textures effects props whatever at this stage, Finally you crop it and arrange it. I like to finish all my edits with a border. In PSP when you add the border the image flattens( converts into one single background layer) so make sure you have all the arrangements you want before doing it. . After I do it I always promote the background layer again Just in case I want to so something more with it.

To add Wall-e after I finished my everything I resized the canvas. I found a Wall-e image edited it ( i had to manually erase the background) add a shadow and paste it on my text then I cropped it again and save it
I always save 3 versions. A layered version  of the work before merging it. a layered version of the finished work and a jpeg of the finished work

Well I hope this helps somebody. I suck when it comes to doing tutorials!! And sorry for all the typos!


please if you tried this leave your comments. I need feedback in order to make a better tutorial  

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May. 13, 2009 at 12:21 PM

hmmm i'm gonna go try to do this now...let's see how long this nap last, and if i get anything done :D

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