I am not sure who reads other peoples' posts but maybe someone out there is where I am and needs someone else who knows how this feels!.....

I had my 4th miscarriage May 13, 2008. I know it is sad but not only that it is frustrating. My OB says she has no idea what is wrong with me. Gee that's great and helpful! She says she can refer me to an infertility specialist since I am officially over 3 miscarriages. She did put me on anitbiotics and told me to take progesterone as soon as I find out I am pregnant. She said if I did go to an infertility specialist they would probably just tell me to keep trying until one sticks. I did have low progesterone with this last one but other than that there is really nothing wrong. I have two bio boys and that is another reason my OB is confused. Low progesterone IS a reason for a miscarriage to happen but why is my progesterone level low? Hmmmm no idea. I am now left with a very nervous feeling about getting pregnant again. She said not to wait and start to try ASAP. She even said I could be pregnant again already....which I told her I am probably not. :) Everyone says "You should see a doctor and she can help you." Nope not in my case. So I am back to trying and being nervous that it will actually work. If I do get pregnant again I have to use the progesterone I have and get more ASAP and hope the baby sticks. If not I am once again back to trying. I wonder how much I can take of trying, losing a baby and trying again?! I am a very stronge person but everyone has limits! :)

Good luck to any and all of you who are in the same situation or have any idea of how I feel and what I am going through and have been through! Best wishes to all! 

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Jun. 16, 2008 at 1:01 PM Hi. I only search other people's posts when I am looking to research any problems I am having.  So I came upon your post.  I have had a weird period for like 2 years. I am almost 32 years old. My period is that I have to use panty liners (tan,rust colored) for up to seven days and then I have an actual period. I am trying to conceive and havent gotten a positive in six months.  I recently discovered that this may be caused either by a thyroid problem or low progesterone.  Maybe you should tell your ob that you are not happy with what she is telling you and you need her to be more proactive. Or maybe you should go to another doctor. Good luck. I wish you have a sticky pregnancy. Remember to take daily vitamins, maintain a healthy weight, and drink plenty of water.

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