my son is almost 1 years old and i'm having a little trouble disiplining him. i need some advice from someone who has a boy who is my sons age and was going through the same things that i'm going through. my problem is, my son likes to stand on the end table in our living and his father always tells him "no" but my son seems to think it's a game, until we have to sit him down and then he will start crying. usually he will go do something else or do it again. it gets anoying at time. i really don't know what to do. i've read somethings and they have told me to tell him no, put him somewhere else where he is distracted, give him a lite tap on the hand or butt. i've done it all i've tried but  he just seems not to learn or even get it.  help me!!!!!!

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 5:33 PM

My 1st son was never much trouble simply because he would listen.... he didn't get into much b/c he was perfectly happy with his toys or TV or whatever.  His only gripe was not getting food fast enough.  A simple slap on the hand or pop on the diaper butt was enough for him & most of the time, he wouldn't do it again b/c he didn't like to get in trouble.

My 2nd son..... WHEW!!!!  I used to joke with ppl that if he were born first, I wouldn't have had any more.  He's waaaay more active than his brother ever was.  I just had to change the approach with him.  If he did something he wasn't supposed to be doing, I would do some type of discipline (so that he knew he got in trouble) but immediately try to re-direct his attention onto something else & tell him "It's not okay to do that but it's okay to do this".  I always started out with small disciplines like one pop on the butt (or sometimes just a yell) or find a specific corner that has little or no distractions & say "Time Out".  With him, he would normally apologize before the time was up & then I knew it was ok to cave in.  Completely a trial-and-error thing.... sometimes what worked once, wouldn't work the next time... but the light at the end of the tunnel is that once they get old enough, you can "reason" with them easier.  That's when you take away playstation or TV for a week, etc., whatever their favorite thing to do is what gets taken & I found THAT will make more of an impact than anything.

Oh yeah & after any kind of punishment was over with.... I would ask them to repeat "why" they got in trouble.  This was just something I always did just to make sure they understood why & this talk session would give me an opportunity to straighten it out if they really didn't understand.  I just feel like it won't matter what punishment they get if they don't know WHY they got it.  :)

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 5:47 PM Speaking of the "time-out" aspect, I also used this type of punishment as a learning tool when he was really little.  By doing this, I taught both of them numbers before they ever reached school.  The only corner that I had available was really close to a wall clock with a second hand that had all the numbers on it.  If either of them got in trouble, I'd point at the number & say it (For Ex. "When this long arm gets to the 8, you can get up").  This way, they're also learning how long 5 minutes really seems.  Also, be firm on it... if they try to get out, make them go back... even extend the time if necessary but consistency will pay off.

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