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The Obstacles of Living Kindness
by Micheal Chase

There are two forces in our lives: the heart’s energy of love and kindess, and the ego’s mindset of unkindness. One creates peace, while the other is our greatest source of personal unhappiness. The ego is the ultimate troublemaker. It is the part of us that needs to be right, craves approval, judges, competes, fears change, and is the essence of all unkind behavior. Causing everything from divorce to road rage, this mental gremlin is our greatest obstacle to a fulfilling life. But we each have the power to change this. By learning to replace unkind thinking patterns (about yourself and other people) with thoughts of love, compassion, and forgiveness, you will discover the true meaning of personal happiness. The first step to quieting our destructive thinking begins with one powerful question…am I being kind.

The next time you are about to consume unhealthy food, argue with loved ones, or react during a conflicting moment, first go to your heart and ask: am I being kind? When followed by the question “how may I be kind”, this inner mantra will free you from the ego’s grip of unkind behavior.

The day that every president, politician, corporation, retail employee, husband, wife, and all human beings reflect on the question, “am I being kind” before making decisions in life, not only will we discover the secret to inner peace, but also to world peace.

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 3:57 PM True!  Ah, & may I respectfully add that The Course in Miracles is a remarkably efficient tool for reformatting your brain & retraining your mind & removing all traces of ego?  It's lovely & I just felt a need to remark on it, since it's so completely in line with your wonderful, true journal post, Barbara Ann.  Thank you, sister!  Love & light...Ceci

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