Dearest Kaiden,
    You have changed my life so much in such a short amount of time.  You have made me a better and whole new person.  I am now more responsible, caring, and I try to be all I can be for you. You mean the world to me, I would do anything for you and I want to give you more than i probably can, but I just want so much for you that I never had.  I feel that if I give you more things in life the more likely you are to be something amazing and accomplish the goals and dreams you eventually will obtain.  I am so glad you are a happy baby and I hope that I keep doing things right so that we will have this bond even as you get older.  I have done things I sometimes wish I could take back, so I hope that when you get older and are influenced by your friends and others, that no matter what you get yourself into, that you will come to me and at least let me know.  I might not want you to do some things but I will not judge you or preach to you.  I have been there done that, and I hope that we stay close enough that you never feel you have to lie to me because my goal as your mother is to be there and for you to want me to be there for you.  I never had family like that and I want to be that for you, I never had a parent or family member that didnt judge me or preach to me, and that I felt that I could go to and speak the truth. So I lied often and snuck around because no one understood or cared to remember back when they were kids.  I promise to not act as if I was never in your shoes because I have been and I hope you dont make the same mistakes I have but I know you have to make your own mistakes and I hope to be someone you can turn to as you do make your mistakes.  I love you with all of my heart.  Your dad and I are so happy that we have you and that you are such a perfect healthy little boy and we will give you all of our love and affection until the day we die.  Just remember smile often and keep your head up because life gets hard before it gets better, and oh does it get better!  I didnt believe that it did until you came into my life but now I know first hand that love makes life great but the love I have for you is the GREATEST!!

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