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In 1997, a Geneva experiment demonstrated that once a particle of energy is connected, even if it becomes physically separated, it is still connected by energy. Scientists separated a single particle by seven miles – and when one half of the particle was disturbed, the other half of the particle reacted. We, as the offspring of the dust that banged together and created the Universe, are of the same original matter. Even though we have become physically separated, we are still connected by energy.

This reminds me of my connection with my daughter. Although my child is no longer attached to my body, we are still connected by energy. I feel her even when we are separated by space. She is more than my flesh; as am I. She is an extention of me and an ethereal part of me is shining through her. Does that shining energy have a name? Can we describe it? I think it is love. I think that energy is compassion.

As Greg Bradden states in his essay titled, Oneness and the Quantum Hologram, compassion is the one feeling – the force that holds the Universe together. What follows is a brief summary and my reflections on the ideas expressed by Bradden in that article and the in interview posted in the Oneness thread in my CafeMom writer's workshop Journal Mavens.

Are we the quantum particles of the feeling of compassion; the one force that holds the Universe together? Is compassion itself God? Is Compassion the original energy? Energy cannot be destroyed, only transferred; therefore, the common religious understanding of God makes sense in this model – “God” always was, is, and will be. God is love and love is us. It is not just in us... it is us.

We are the dust and gas and energy that collided and exploded when the Universe was formed. We are those quantum particles of compassion smashed into the mass of you and me – the trees, the earth, the sea, and the stars. Imagine “God” as a celestial body that broke down into enough particles so that It is in everything. This is the Vedic cosmogonic Purusha myth. This is the infinity of Divinity. God is infinitely divisible and therefore, omnipresent -- everywhere all at once.

Also by this model, space is not empty. There is no such thing as “nothing.” What we’ve seen as a void is actually a living essence… it is “God.” It is pure consciousness.

As Max Planck, the father of quantum physics, explained, underlying everything we see, our bodies included, there is a conscious and intelligent mind – this mind is the matrix of all matter. This Divine Matrix is but a mirror and a bridge between the macrocosm and the microcosm. The emotional upheavals within each of us are but a reflection of the turbulent storms within the earth’s atmosphere – and beyond.

Remember, we are all still connected by energy. We are the quantum particles of the feeling of compassion and our heart is creating electrical and magnetic waves that influence the world around us based on thoughts and emotions which, as defined by the Sanskrit word, together equal feelings. Feelings are the union of thought and emotion – and we invite our thoughts into reality when we breathe the power of emotion up into our heart. This is where the thought and the emotion meet and become a feeling: in our heart. Feelings are the language of the unified field. The unified field is “God.” God is the eternal energy that gave cause to the Big Bang – to the collision of dust and gas… the explosion that smashed mass into form. God is compassion – the quantum particles from which everything is comprised… and the force which holds everything together.

I’m still trying to let this sink in and I invite you to hang with these ideas a while too. If it seems like a load of bologna, suspend doubt and judgment for a moment and consider the consequences of this model of reality. Pretend for a moment that it is real… what if we are still connected by energy? What if God is the compassion particles from which all things are comprised – even the space between you and me? What if that space isn’t empty, but rather is filled with a living essence? What if our consciousness is a fiber of the unified field?

What if we are God’s thoughts manifest into physical form?

What if there is consciousness everywhere -- even in mass? Who is to say that thought only occurs within the lumpy gray matter inside our skull? Trees grow – they “know” how to sprout leaves and photosynthesize without that lumpy thing we call a brain. The earth knows how to spin on its axis – and even sing a resonating, “Om.” The earth is as alive as you and me... as is the moon, the sun, the sea, and the air. Hang with that a while – the air is alive.

If this model of reality is true, how else would your perception of reality change? Would we still fight for power? Would we still kill for possession of land? Would we continue to mutilate and destroy ourselves? Why not try this model for reality on for size? What if you could change reality by believing in it with your whole heart? What if your dreams could become things? Imagine that. Imbue your thoughts with emotion and feel that – invite that idea into reality by speaking to the Universe with your feelings. Compassion is the one feeling, the force that holds the Universe together.

We are the quantum particles of the feeling of compassion and our language is love.

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 5:26 PM

All I can say is...WOW!

Thank you for posting this. It was really interesting.

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 5:29 PM

I LOVE THIS POST! How intriguing....

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 8:53 AM I loved reading this, it'll be on my mind the rest of the day, for sure!

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