Ok I know there are all these offers to work from home and make money and most of them are crap.  Well I am actually doing something myself, I don't work at home all the time.  If I go to Wal-Mart, the bank, doctors office, anywhere I meet people I'm working.  Its not even hard work either, I get to keep my daughter all day long without paying for a babysitter. 

I sell BeautiControl, these products are high-end spa quality.  They will sell themselves, and this isn't even the fun part.  Yes I said FUN, I go to women's houses and let them try the products and book more parties and make the money.  It does not cost my hostess any money to have me there just an hour or two.  She will actually get free products out of it. 

I wanted to share this with everybody because I love my job.  I'm home with the baby during the day and gone a couple of hours at night to "Party"  with other women.  Now if you would like to host a party I would be more than happy to come to your house and pamper you and your friends.  Or if you would like to start this yourself there are two ways to get started. 

1)  In order to become a BeautiControl consultant you will pay $179 on your package and you get a lot of products for this low price.  I'm talking you will get $750 worth of stuff for the low price of $179.  I know not everybody can afford to put out that much money so I have another way.

2)  I can give you a product guide to pass around and get orders.  If you can get $700 in orders this will pay for your start up package.  That way your not out any money if it does not work plus you get a lot of free products! 

This is the type of job that will reward you for your success.  For example they give women brand new mustang cars, jewlery, and trips.  What other type of job is fun and they give you things just to say thanks for your hard work.  Not to mention you are your own boss!  You pick your hours, you pick how many spas to have.  Just send me a message if your interested and I hope to be hearing from you soon!

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