We went through the drive thru at Taco Bell Saturday evening.  Well, Taco HELL in this instance.  They have a bad habit of messing up our order, which, when ordering for 5 can be understandable once or twice.  We have started pulling away from the window and checking to see if all the food is there before we leave.  Well, again it is the usual, we were missing a complete fish dinner and one chalupa.  We had in the bag a Nachos Belgrande that we DID NOT ORDER.

We pull around and the line is long, so I take my reciept, and the food in to get it corrected.  I was not rude, but I WAS exasperated.  Mike had to go to work and we wanted to have a quick dinner together before he had to go in.  SO, I'm waiting in line, and this teenage girl comes up to the counter and says "did you NEED something??"  I said yep!  Proceeded to explain why I'd come in, put the Belgrande on the counter and asked for the fish dinner and the other chalupa.  She took my reciept, then waved it in my FACE and said "That fish dinner isn't ON HERE."  I said ok, well, I need one, I heard my husband order it and that;s what he wants.  She said "Ma'am, I DIDN'T TAKE YOUR ORDER."  and put up her hand, you know, the lovely, mannerly  "talk to the hand" gesture.   I said "I don't recall saying YOU DID."  Besides, if the dinner wasn't on the reciept...why did they give us the drink that went with it??

She turned and stormed off, yelling for a manager to "come and take care of this woman, because I'm not dealing with HER!!""  I picked up all of the food, mine and the stuff that wasn't and said "don't bother.  I don't come to places to be treated like THIS" and left.  It was pretty bad.  I went out to the car and told Mike to go, just get away from there, I'm NEVER going back.  As soon as I got in the car, I started crying....I just don't need this kind of stress in my life over a piece of deep fried fish and some crappy fries. 

Mike wasn't too thrilled by this whole scenario, it was HIS dinner we were missing, along with something of Max's.  He went in, and no one wanted to talk to him.  Go figure.  No one wanted to admit  to being the manager.  He finally got one young man to come over to him, and told them that he would be contacting corporate.  Said it's going to cost them more trouble than that 5 dollar fish dinner.  Which we came home and did, immediately, of course.  Which leads me to wonder, if we didn't get charged for the dinner, wtf did they charge us FOR?  We spent almost 30 dollars there.  There are 5 of us, and Makenna's dinner was only 3 bucks.  I can't look at my reciept, because that rude little snot kept it.  Well, I left without it.

Still waiting to hear if they're going to bother doing anything about it, and frankly don't CARE.  I'm NEVER going in there AGAIN.  There are plenty of other Taco Bells that have POLITE people working there.  I'll get my effing chalupa from one of THEM.

 I have since talked to this with my neighbor and two other friends.  Hello!  They have very similar stories to tell, the order is almost NEVER correct, and when they try to fix it all they get is a load of bad attitude.  My nieghbor says she refuses to order at our local Taco Bell, she's been treated poorly by them for the last time.  My bf lives in Akron, and she too has to check her order every time she goes there...it's almost always incorrect, but at least they don't treat her badly when she goes in to have it fixed.

 We are supposed to hear from Taco Bell, they are conducting some sort of investigation into the issue as a result of our call.  I'm NOT HOLDING MY BREATH.

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 5:45 PM I had the same problem with McDonald's.  They just don't seem to LISTEN when you are ordering.  It's so frustrating.  You want to reach over the counter and choke the living crap out of them!!  That girl putting her hand up in your face......OMG it would have taken so much restraint to not slap it out of the way.  Yeah, good luck on getting any response from them. 

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 6:28 PM every one has had it happen at one time or another

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