Motherhood is definitely a life changing experience.. I can remember when I had my first son and I was so unprepared. . Mentally and emotionally.. I still felt like a kid myself.... I remember when the nurse handed Ryan to me and I was thinking to myself" U want ME to take this Baby home??" I had no idea what taking care of a baby really meant.. Being responsible for another human being is the scariest thing in the world.. At least that is how it seems at first.. Suddenly the motherly instincts kick in and u are waking up at 2 am for night time feedings and u find yourself staying awake just to watch your baby sleep.. There is something so calming about a sleeping baby.. They look like little angels.. Motherhood has its ups and downs , its tears and its joy.. I never expected to feel such a deep love as the one I do for my kids. Even after a terrible day , I thank God that I was given another day to spend with my kids.. Once they are all grown and have moved out of the house.. I will miss those days of diaper changing and wiping runny noses.. I always remember people telling me " They will grow up so fast" But I dont think I quite knew what they meant till my son turned 10 and I was wondering where all the years had gone.. It is a miracle in itself being able to conceive a child and then bring it into the world.. I think being a mother has taught me one of the most important lessons in the world and that is there is nothing more pleasing then hearing your baby say I love you for the first time. It is something I know I will never forget.. It is an imprint that will stay on my heart forever

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