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My ramblings and ravings

I have found a new way to keep Becky in the yard.  Just buy a sandbox, fill it with sand and a few toys and set her loose.  She was in that thing for 2 hours today.  Digging holes, makes foot sand angels, burying her feet (or tickles as she calls them) and planting flowers.  Here are some pictures of her in the sandbox.  They were taken with a camera phone, so they really aren't that good:

Say Cheese Beckzilla:

Lets throw sand outside the

And my Poser.  She <hearts> her

Of course Zach was outside too.  He had a blast watching Becky play and run around the yard.  He also learned that he could sit straight up in his bouncy

Just chilling on the blanket:

Zach tickles (what Becky calls her and his feet):

I'm gonna get that camera, Mom:

Whatcha looking at?:

Look feet!!:

It was a very good day and Becky did not want to go inside.  But once in, she settled down and now is  She had supper (hot dog and potato salad) and is going to relax for the rest of the day :)

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