If you could get rid of all the toxic chemicals in your house, and switch where you shop for for health and wellness products like toothpaste, deodorant, skin care, hair care, make up, weight loss products, vitamins, air and water purifiers, and super concentrated...all natural...nontoxic household cleaners, and do it all at your own pace? Meaning no monthly commitments? No points you have to reach just to stay a member? WOULD YOU DO IT?

 Well, YOU CAN!  Be a part of an amazing 52 year old company called SHAKLEE.

Membership is only a one-time fee of $19.95 and you get a 15% discount on all purchases. No monthly commitments either. Buy what you want...when you want it. Shaklee Exclusive Buyer’s Club Lifetime Membership Benefits
For a one-time processing fee of $19.95 or (FREE with $50+ order) you will:
• Save 15% on everything you purchases
• Receive occasional special promotions, offers, and discounts for even more savings
• Have the convenience of setting up Shaklee AutoShip for automatic product delivery
• Receive discounts and benefits from partner companies
• Have access to Shaklee University product and health information courses
• Be able to partner with Shaklee in support of meaningful charitable causes
• Have the ability to qualify for rebates on your purchases

How would you like to save $3338.21 on non-toxic household cleaners?

Confused? Well Shaklee’s Basic H2 is a 16oz bottle of super duper concentrated, all natural, all purpose cleaner, with 1001 uses. This $11.95 bottle is SO concentrated that it has the cleaning equivalents of 192 bottles of Fantastik ($727.68), 728 bottles of Windex ($2,176.32), 8 Swiffer Wet Jet Refills ($34.32), and 96 bottles of Woolite ($411.84)

Here’s how it works…Take a 16oz spray bottle, fill it with water and 5-6 drops of Basic H2 for cleaning appliances, counters, walls, stainless steel and more. Take another 16oz spray bottle, fill it with water and 2 drops of Basic H2 for cleaning windows and mirrors or any other glass. Then another 16oz spray bottle and 1 ½ tsp of Basic H2 to clean ovens, microwaves,  and stoves. To mop the floor, all you need is 1 tbsp of Basic H2 and one gallon of water and to clean a .,, all you need is 2oz of Basic H2 and one gallon of water. There are so many other purposes to use this amazing cleaner…I use it on pretty much everything.

And the best part is…..IT REALLY WORKS!!!!

Now, Shaklee has more than just all purpose cleaner. We have an amazing line of cleaners such as laundry detergent, dish detergent, hand soap, souring cleaner and disinfectant. These are all non toxic, natural, free of harsh chemicals and fumes, biodegradable, recyclable, and not tested on animals.

 As a member of Shaklee, not only will you get a discount on cleaning products, but on vitamin supplements, personal and baby care, cosmetics and more. Everything on my websitehttp://www.shaklee.net/awcleanbiz

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