im just venting on here!!! and i want to send a big FUCK YOU to my lame ass dad! you never fucking cared about me before, but all of the sudden you are father of the fucking year???? 10 years you never wanted anything to do with me, but now that i talk to your ex-wife, my step mother who was good to me and treated me better than you ever did, you are the number one dad????? good, dont talk to me anymore! it will be like i was a kid alll over again!! so dad  FUCK YOU!!!!! sorry ladies i just needed to blow off some steam! also, he said if i let my DD around my step mother (they have 2 kids and were married for 20 years) that she would grow up to be perverted!!! he can go fuck himself!!!! what makes him think he can say that about my child??? say what you want about me, but now he brought my baby girl into it. it is on!!

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