Hubby wrote this in his blog on Daddy's Den and it is getting some good reviews.  In fact someone said that everyone on their site should copy it and send to their representative.  So, I figured I would post this here for all of you lovely ladies to read. 

We don't completely agree on a solution, but I am still very proud of him for standing up and saying something.


'Morning Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am one of the people that you represent. And at this moment in time, I am not very happy with how you have deemed it necessary to represent me. The reason that I voted you into this office has been lost on the privileges that have come with your job. I understand that on some issues, time is needed and the process to come to a common agreement is rough going and intense. But that is what we are paying you for.

Now the reason that I am writing to you is since I am one of the people who put you into office, I would like a few things from you. As I am sure you are aware of, our country has fallen on hard times. And unfortunately it is falling farther and harder than what is being told to everyone. Everything has risen in price and the price rising is not forecast to stop till at the earliest, the end of next year.

As you are currently aware, oil price’s have sky rocketed out of control and there is no foreseeable end in sight. What I would like you to do is take the green shaded glasses off and conquer this problem. In one 1200 square mile area known as the Piceance Basin, there is a proven supply of oil shale which would produce as much oil as the entire world has in reserve. It could produce over one trillion barrels of oil in this one area alone. Staggering. But what is being done about this huge amount of energy? Nothing. And why? My guess is the people supplying you with the green glasses. (cut and paste to see what I am talking about) What is more staggering is that there are 3 other basins filled with this oil shale. To me, the fate of our country is more important than the preservation of the Columbian born jumping termite. (not a real insect) We have many, many places to drill for oil in the United States and off it’s coast that have proven oil and gas supplies. But because of people paying for these places to be left alone, we suffer as a country. Doing this will stop us from depending on the middle east for oil. Building more refineries will create jobs and stop the need for other countries energy sources. Where we get our oil from they are paying on average no more than .25 cents for a gallon of gas. We are paying in some place’s over 4 dollars gallon. Discrepancy? I would say so. And to think, the heart and soul who deliver everything we have on our backs and on our tables are in most case’s paying close to 5 dollars a gallon. Whose paying that cost? We have the technology to make and take the necessary steps to ensure total environmental stability to take these steps. Lets use them. I know this is a stretch but with our own oil, lets tell the OPEC countries to kiss our asses and take care of ourselves.

At this point in time, we are involved with a agreement known to the world as NAFTA. Lets say you again do your job and get off the money wagon from the companies that are profiting from such a fucked up and pointless agreement and shut this down. Companies we used to work for are now in these countries using less than able employees who are happy with 35 cents an hour. Their workmen ship has shown up in this country. Shoty at best. And then to top it off, we give these American companies who have deserted this fine country in search of the every enticing profit a tax break and tariff breaks on products they once made here but we now have to be import. We all here in America take pride in what we produce and purchased what we made. MADE IN AMERICA now has been changed to ONCE MADE IN AMERICA. Lets bring back the American pride once so valuable and indestructible.

Lets start worring about the citizens of this country and not about the citizens well being of another country. We were once a proud nation and it showed. Lets bring this back. Time to do your job.

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 7:17 PM Love it!

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 10:05 PM

My DH and I say,

"DAMN, RIGHT!!!!!!!"

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 10:55 AM Great post. We can drill our own oil safely and with Very little environmental impact. How about we use the money we save to invest in green energy? Use our own stuff while we work on the more eco friendly stuff. Quit buying from terrorist nations. The politicians don't represent us, they represent Big Business. NAFTA has done nothing but hurt our Econonmy. It's time for change. Tell your hubby that this is Totally right.

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