The doc I saw on Friday didn't tell me half of what they found on the scan.  Today the doc  said something about lymph nodes in my abdomen, I have a kindey stone, AND I have diverticulitis again.

I was so mad when I found all this out.  If I would have been told on Friday about the reacurring diverticulitis I probably would feel a lot better right now.  So.... I start on an antibiotic today to help clear up the diverticulitis and meet with a general surgeon tomorrow to further assess me.  My kidney stone is pretty big so I may need that removed. 

I'm happy to have some answers but wish it wouldn't have taken 2 appts and 2 ER trips since Thursday to find this out.

 Oh and I don't have the results of my ultrasound back yet so I don't know if there is anything else going on.  Let's hope not.

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 11:14 PM Sorry to hear all that but glad you finally have some answers.  I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

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