I made the unfortunate mistake of watching this movie last night.  Go figure, Hannibal's sister looks a LOT like Gia.  Had the same eyes and cheeks and haircut, but her hair was more blonde.  So, they end up killing and eating the little girl.  I had the worst attack after they showed that... I ended up hyperventilating and almost throwing up.  So, fair warning... if you get sensitive about seeing bad stuff happen to kids, DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE!

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Jun. 4, 2008 at 5:21 PM Yeah, I fucking rented that movie a couple months ago...I was so grossed out, not as bad as you sweetie by far!  But then again, I looooovvvve scary movies!!  Hope you are enjoying your 'rainy days'...I spent them cleaning and playing Wii!  Talk to you soon hun, love you lots!

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