Brown Bag Party Time

                                                                  Make Your Summer Sizzle Specials

Host a Brown Bag Party in the months of June July or August and you will receive Brown Bag Party’s normal 20% of your sales in love loot to spend on your sexy shopping spree. PLUS to help your summer sizzle you will receive a LOVE CUSHION (100$ Retail Value) ABSOLUTELY FREE just for hosting your Brown Bag Party with me! If your party attendance is more than 10 you will get an EXTRA 24$ added to your Sexy Shopping Spree and if you have more than 15 guests you will get an EXTRA 48$ added. If 3 of your friends book a party of their own you will also receive a 60$ toy for FREE! If your sales are over 500$ you can choose from

5 Hostess Exclusive Items you can purchase at up to 60% OFF.

Call me today to book your ULTIMATE Ladies Night In!



Our Parties are FREE FUN and EDUCATIONAL!

GREAT for Bachelorette parties, Birthday Parties, Couples Parties or just a Fun Ladies Night In!

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