So I had went into the WIC office today and had forgotten my checks, I had an appointment and they were like oh its no big deal we cant print off checks today we dont have computers (Im assuming theyre getting new ones?..) well Im like okay! So I sit down assuming that they're still going to have my appointment, weigh Lucy and put stuff in their computers so I sat down in the waiting area and waited for about an hour. Finally one of the ladies said," Hun do you need somethin?" and I said yeah I have a WIC appointment and the other lady I had spoken to said,"I told you earlier that you had to come back!"

Now granted I know I should be grateful to have WIC and this is a touchy subject with some moms here on Cafemom. BUT the lady did NOT tell me I had to come back! She just said it's no big deal we cant print checks today and took my number and said she would call me! So she was rude for no reason! They're always rude everytime I go in there! It just really pisses me off and frustrates me!




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Jun. 2, 2008 at 6:15 PM She should have been  more honest with you about that, right from the begnning. I don't know about where you live, but when I was growing up on WIC the WIC office was no where near our home and my mom had to transfer busses to get  there. Going to with WIC office was, like, an all day event for her. Plus they acted like you should somehow already know that. They sound rude over there.

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 6:18 PM I know what you mean. I used to use WIC and I'm sure it doesn't matter whether you're in Texas or North Dakota or New York...they suck everywhere. It has nothing to do with helping the less fortunate, I think most employees of government assistance programs (not just WIC) see their jobs as just that-employment. And they aren't required to do the whole customer service business because, no matter what, people will keep coming back. They NEED those programs...I'm absolutely positive that the majority of those employees couldn't care less about their clients. Or whatever you call those of us who need a little extra help now and then. I hope your experience next time is better!

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