I am not sure why I am so happy. Maybe because I just don’t care enough to sweat boorish, inconsiderate idiots that seem to plague this planet in epidemic numbers.

I am happy again. And it has been a long time coming. I refuse to let anyone still my joy. Things are not what I want them to be but they will be. I am going to make them that way. I do not care if there are people who want to hinder that or refuse to help me attain what I am going after. I will not let them stop me. For too long I was the one being used. Now, they stand in shock when I tell them that I am not able to give them what they seek.


I have a select few friends who are true friends.

I have 3 crazy kids who I love more than anyone could know.

I do not deal with those who would do me harm. That in itself could be the reason.

I am in love with myself again.

I love me!

Flaws and all!

I love my flaws, their mine and I don’t care if you like them or not.

Why should I be unhappy? No one has that power over me but me.

And I am happy again!

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