right. well. more history to explain things.

I have a psudo mom- her name is Missy. a few months ago missy and her bf broke up. no big deal. and she went looking for  a new place and job so she can raise her three daughters. well, this bf of course was saying that she abandoned them. whatever. later down the road, both me and missy begin suspecting that her exbf was having sexual relations with her oldest daughter (15 yrs old at teh time). of course she calls CPS and all that jazz.

 Basically, there is a LOAD of drama and whatever. and during all this, ivekept contact with her exbf bc he was a father figure type to me. i had known him since i was 7 yrs old. and i told missy that iwas gonna still talk to him and she was fine about that. well. ...

he just sent me a message on myspace saying that he didnt want to remain in contact with me bc he figured i was a go to person for missy. and im not in the least. he also wants me to delete him off myspace. i dk if you guys understand how much this hurts me. i really do/did love him like my father. but he has changed SO much. he wouldve NEVER had said that to me. of course i had to tell missy and im crying to her over the internet as my heart is breaking. its like my real father saying "Nope, dont wanna ever talk to you again bc lise doesnt like you". sigh. 

ppl are abandoning me this week. and it sucks. 

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