Well I drove to Drummond MT, about an hours drive from here, went on the free-way pretty much got up near the speed limit, and only made two mistakes, mainly when I tried to go the speed limit. :)   Becky was ready to explore the minute the car stopped and took up the talice with Daddy.  David was miserable and hunched over, at first I thought maybe car-sick, but quickly figured out he was hungry (mainly by asking if he was sick or wanted pizza, he said pizza, so that was that solved!)  We had a spare car seat in the back so I plopped that down and he happily ate while Becky searched for 'shell rock' with Daddy.  After they had found a few rocks and David was full we puttered a bit, and then drove to the next talice pile (it still seems so odd to say "I drove' anywhere! LOL!)  where David really got excited and tried to climb the mountain, it had thundered and he thought it sounded like a dinosaur roar and wanted to go find "BIG AL" (this turned Jose to mush, he has been hoping to share fossils with David for years and was so scared he would just stay in his world and never look, but I think we are okay in that score now, thanks to God for giving a grumbling cloud to spark Davids imagination!)  Mommy couldn't resist anything that looked neat, so now we have a huge pile of Madison Limestone in the front room!  We had such fun, and I am so glad, it was just what we all needed: kids had fun and could run and shout to thier hearts content, Jose found they will 'rock hound' with him, and Mommy found out she could get us there and back in one piece!

David Munching



Proud Rock Hounds Return (Jose didn't want Becky to slip)

Just puttering

A long awaited moment

and to top it all off, the kids wore themselves out enough to fall asleep!!

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Jun. 4, 2008 at 10:26 PM that looks like a great first road trip!  I am so happy for you all.  your building memeories that will last a life time! 

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Jun. 18, 2008 at 3:36 PM Don't you just love when they start to imagine. I can remember when we had to go pick up one of my dad's checks and we took my nephew. We went thought a wooded area with nothing but trees everywhere. He said it was the Great Vally and wanted to stop so he could find Little Foot! lol. Sooo Cute!

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