Okay, so now that Emma has turned one its seems as if she has started throwing temper tantrums. 

If you take her away from something she shouldnt be doing.  She starts crying and screaming then drops herself to the ground and bangs her head!!  Argh  How do I stop this?

She has never aqcted like this and has only recently started being very demanding.  If i put her down and she wants to be held she starts flipping out again.  I dont want to feed into her tantrum and pick her up because then she will know this is how she has to act to get what she wants.  Argh I dont know what to do. 

Anyone have any suggestions??

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 6:42 PM Honestly....ignore it.  Don't give into it.  When she's old enough to be put into time out (if that is an option for you for a "punishment", then try that).  But it's just a stage they all go thru.  Zack when thru it and is still going thru it.  Heck now he has that lovely gag reflex and tries to make himself throw up when you tell him no.  Go figure. LOL

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 7:06 PM

haha come on now, how many years did you work at JRC?! lol i agree with the above comment--ignore (obviously so long as she's not hurting herself!). she wants your attention--negative or positive. i would just let her ride out the tantrum, and once she learns banging her head won't get her what she wants, or you pickng her up, she'll quit. remember it always gets worse before it gets better in the behavioral world lol.....that's what i would do anyway, and plan to when Haleigh hits that stage! lol

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