got bored when I didn't have the internet so I flipped through some magazines. I jotted down these websites to go to later for when I got my internet back. I finally got the chance to go to a few of the websites and some of the clothing websites also have furniture, too. I'm too lazy to put 'em under the sections. Lol, who needs repeats? There may be one or two on the lists though. I know what I'm doing for Christmas at least. That's right ... he or she is going to be celebrating Christmas this year with us. I'm excited. Ah, well, on with the linkage. Have fun. I'll edit this post if I stumble upon any other website. Forgive me if you find a broken website. I'll go through all of 'em, and strip the ones that are inactive. ...;

Halloween Costumes

Clothing - sling

Furniture .

Toys & Learning


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Oct. 7, 2011 at 3:29 PM

That's a great list! My kids are only a few years old, so I don't quite have the hang of Christmas shopping for them yet, so this list is a great resource for me. Speaking of which, I've been looking for kids kitchen sets  for Christmas; does anyone know where I can find a set I can trust to be fun and safe?

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