So many decisions to make and I am so stressed out.

Now I went to the doctor and he gives me my options for my next baby and I am scared. VBAC or C-section?

My husband wants to be helpful but all he says is that he want both of us home with him afterwards.

But both have many risks and it is all about which ones I want to take. I want to do what is best for my child and anyone who has a child understands that. I dont mind the recovery even though "OH My God" the recovery was horrible with my first. It is all about what is the best for my baby. I wanted a vaginal birth so badly with my first and I was young and scared but had my decisions and I made them. I am a very opinionated mommy and dont mind that. What I believe is best for my children after much research is my decision to make.
I think that some doctors push their ideas just because they went to school, and they should take into consideration of your ideals and the fact that it is your child, and they are not all the same little bundles of joy.

Ok im rambling my thoughts outloud.


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Jun. 2, 2008 at 6:58 PM

I would try for the vaginal and if you needed the c-section then let them do it without worry. I had a birthplan different from those I know personally. I decided that I would not decide until I needed to decide. I know that sounds crazy but with all the arguments back and forth you really have risks either way. I wanted to wait and see if I needed an epidural before I just said hand me the drugs. Then I almost had to have a c section if it werent for my loud mouthed mother who yelled at me to get me mad enough to not give up pushing. So I am due in September and I am going about it the same way. My daughter was almost 10lbs. This time I am having a boy and if he is bigger then so be it. I am still going to try to push the little linebacker out before making a decision to get the surgery.

What you decide is your decision. I just prayed that when I made mine I made the right choice and here we are 4 years later all healed up and great. I did have a tear and they ended up cutting me from rooter to tooter. Things felt differently after but not horrible. I had a BM an hour after being sewn up. So no problems there.  The spot where I healed was sensitve and it made for a quick orgasm the first few months but nothing worse than that.

Your husband is okay with whatever you do so dont stress. .

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 7:15 PM

i would first see some hospitals and drs dont allow vacks so i would check first

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