Well lets see Jaden is now 20 and a half months old and STILL has his bottle. He uses it for comfort. He drinks out of cup and sippy cups no problem BUT ALWAYS when he wants to "chill "or go to sleep he needs his "BA-BA:" He got rid of his "BINKY" when he was about 6months old. He NEVER took a bottle to bed but shortly after giving up the BINK he got sick and he really wanted to take a bottle to bed.......... well, that was my fault........ I LET HIM! Lesson learned....... if they dont do... it dont give them the chance to start.

Anyway. over the past few months I have tried to get rid of the bottle and always give in! I dont want to.... but i do. Its just easier. SO over this past wked we have gone thru 4 nipples that he has biten off right in front of us and he gives us the bottle and the biten off piece. So I told my husband TODAY IS THE DAY ! gonna get rid of bottle once and for all....... BUT I didnt start it until after his bottle he had when he first woke up ( because I forgot!!!) Well, he bit off that nipple too ! so now we have NO CHOICE!!! I have no more nipples and Im NOT buyin anymore! So right before he went down for his afternoon nap today I picked him up in the kitchen and he had his BEAR (which is his OTHER comfort thing) and he threw it right in a pot of OIL that I had on the stove ( IT WSNT HOT THANK GODDNESS) BUT still he wanted to take it up to his crib for his nap! I thought OMG!! what NOW!?? I cant give it to him, Bear needs washed! well he cried, i tried to let him take up any other animal he wanted but he kept telling me NO! GREAT!! hes never gonna go to sleep, Im done for! BUT I took him up anyway, threw 2 other animal that are usually in his crib anyway and RAN out of the room! He cried for about 8mins! it seemed alot longer BUT I did time it! I refused to go back in his room. the next thing I knew he was sound alseep!! and he slept for 3 1/2 hrs!! I was so happy. BUT the REAL test is gonna be tonight at bedtime, when its dark and hes over tired.............. if he only crys for another 8 mins I think I could keep myself busy enought NOT to go up there! BUT if its longer IDK what Im gonna do! Hubby is at work until 3:30am so he probably will come home and me n Jaden will probably still be up! I WILL be stressing! I know in a few days he will probably be ok and not throw cryin fits but IM afraid of these next dew days! AND I am afraid for 7:30 to come tonight cause he ALWAYS asks for his" BA BA" at 7:30pm. and wants to chill out for a little while on rockin chair with me. never falls asleeps just mine and his time. and then when hes done he gets back up and plays with Devin like a crazy person! LOL

WHO KNOWS if Im up at 3:30am I may be updating how its just not working......... i hope not!! Wish me luck!

I NEVER had this problem with Devin. He never took a bottle to bed! He gave up his bottle when he was 8months old! Funny /scary how DIFFERANT your children can be!

 UPDATE!!  ok so last night I didnt know what to expect when it was time for him to go to bed! Well....... he asked for his "Ba-Ba",and bear. I told him you can have your bear BUT you broke your baba, so no more baba. So I got him upstairs changed him put his bears in the order HE likes! ( thats a whole nother story! HAHA!) and I layed him down gave him kisses and told him good night! AND I never heard another peep out of him! he went right to sleep ,well wait a min, let me rewind that.... he didnt go right to sleep he took off his PJ's and diaper coved himself up so I wouldnt see him when I ck'd on him  and  THEN went to sleep!( SO I had  to try to re dress him while he slept, fun fun fun!) He NEVER got up at all the whole night which like I said before he was getting up anywhere between 1:30-3:30am every night/morning  to wail his bottle at me and demand  me to fill it up! Today at my moms  he asked for his bottle mom said, nope , you broke it  and he went right down   for his nap no problem. So tonight I  took him up  he asked again I told him no he broke it and he was fine with that, BUT I did just go ck on him and guess what his PJ's and diaper were off AGAIN!! SO I get rid of 1 problem and gained another! I cant win!  He has been taking off his cloths during the day for a few weeks now , I duct  tape his  diaper BUT somehow he STILL finds a way to get them off.  BUT this whole thing of doing it when he goes to sleep now  is gonna drive me crazy, cause if he pee's or poos I guess I will have to wake him up to change the bedding!  WHAT NEXT?!?!

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 6:16 AM

Good luck with sticking to your guns. That is the hardest part, but, if you do, and don't give in, you will be amazed at how easily he'll bounce back! He's fine, and just thank your stars, that you still aren't breast feeding, because if he's bitting through the rubber nipples, imagine what damage he'd do to you! ouch!

At 20 months old, he can easily attach to some other comfort.........so relax, and I am excited to hear the good news!

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