So I have decided to go back to my technical home town. Twin Falls Idaho. I still consider Bend Oregon my home town because well, lets face it, all of my firsts happend here. My first kiss, my first bike ride, my first date, my first play. I know this town inside and out, I know too many people and I love it here.

But I have decided that I want to be closer to my ma and our family when I have my baby. It feels odd to feel like I want my mommy again. It has been so long since I have felt this lost with out my brothers and my dad. I want to feel secure and know that I wont be going through this alone. As much as I love being pregnant and know I will be an awesome mommy, I am scared. I am scared that I will screw up little things like making her first bottle or getting her to sleep, and then I will become so self critizing that I will begin to feel even more lost and overwhelmed. 

Did anyone else go home to have their baby? Who did you have in your life to guid through these scary moments?


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